Australian Bed Sizes - 2023 Guide (With Images) (2023)

A guide to common Australian bed dimensions and mattress sizes.

We search through hundreds of reviews of different mattress in a box companies in Australia. Yet, picking the right size bed to fit your sleeping preference can be cumbersome, so we made this guide to help.

A few points to help you decide the best mattress size for you are: the size of the bedroom, your height and weight, a partner, the number of pillows you use, and how much personal room you like.

Many Australians misjudge the mattress dimensions only to get a new bed, and find it's too big or too small, and having a bed that's too small for you has been know to aggravate back pain.

Avoid these blunders and check the most common mattress sizes below, and to note these sizes are for Australian made mattress and mattresses imported overseas.

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Australian single bed dimensions are 92 centimetres wide by 188 centimetres long. Singles are sometimes referred to as a twin mattress, but they have the same dimensions.

The average Australian woman is 165.85cm and the average man is 179.20cm, which is 18 centimetres shorter than the single bed. If you're an adult consider getting a king single or a bigger bed.

Single size mattresses are ideal for a child, teenager, or small adult. The dimensions of the bed make it perfect for smaller rooms, studio apartments, bunk beds, and more petite guest rooms.

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  • Comfortably Sleeps: 1
  • Total Sleep Area: 1.7 m²
  • Space Per Sleeper: 92.0 cm

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King single bed dimensions are 107 centimetres by 204 centimetres which is 15 centimetres wider and 16 centimetres longer than a standard single bed.

The extra centimetres make a massive difference in comfort, keeping your toes hanging off the end of the bed.

Not to worry if you have a single bed frame, most king single mattresses should fit, but check the sizes in case. King single beds are excellent for sleepers who need more length than a single while saving space in your bedroom.

King singles are common for guest rooms or smaller rooms giving your visitors comfort without sacrificing space.

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  • Comfortably Sleeps: 1
  • Total Sleep Area: 2.2 m²
  • Space Per Sleeper: 107.0 cm

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What are the dimensions of a Double size bed?

A double-size mattress measures 138 centimetres wide by 188 centimetres long. An adult or teenager who is large in stature will love a double bed because it is wider than a king single. If you sleep with a pet, this size mattress will be more comfortable than a single or king single. As a comparison, many hotels put two double beds in a double room. It can accommodate a single adult with pets or two adults without pets.

A double mattress is a good choice for a single adult who enjoys more sleeping surface than a single. Sleepers on their backs and stomachs can stretch out on the extra width. Double beds are perfect for individuals wanting extra room, older children and guests. Two adults can be comfortable on this size bed for a few days, but if the mattress is more permanent, it would be wise to buy a larger size.

Double vs. Queen

The size of a double mattress is slightly smaller than the size of a queen mattress, with the width being 15 centimetres shorter and the length is 16 centimetres shorter.

Both can accommodate two adults, however the double is better for smaller sleepers or those without pets. There will be more space for stretching out or squeezing in a pet in a queen bed.

Double vs. King Single

The main difference between a double mattress and a king single mattress is the width. While a double has an additional 31 centimetres across its surface, it loses 16 centimetres in length compared to a king single. Adults who are single usually prefer a double bed over a king single bed.

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  • Comfortably Sleeps: 2
  • Total Sleep Area: 2.6 m²
  • Space Per Sleeper: 69.0 cm

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What are the dimensions of a Queen size bed?

Queen size beds are the most popular sized bed in Australia, it measures in at 153 centimetres by 204 centimetres. It comfortably fits two adults without pets and a single adult with pets. It is slightly larger than a double mattress. In addition to providing ample room to stretch, a queen mattress allows couples to sleep in different positions with ease. For a single adult who sleeps with several small pets, a queen bed makes sense as well.

Queen vs. King

Are you trying to decide between a king and queen size mattress? Each provides the same length, but a king is 30 centimetres wider than a queen. A king might be a better option if your bedroom has the space and you and your partner likes a lot of space. However, a queen should be sufficient for you and your partner or just pets.

Queen vs. Double

A queen mattress adds both length and width compared to a double mattress. Standard queen beds are 15 centimetres wider and 16 centimetres longer than double mattresses. While both are ideal for a single adult, a queen will be more enjoyable if you sleep with a partner or pet.

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  • Comfortably Sleeps: 2
  • Total Sleep Area: 3.1 m²
  • Space Per Sleeper: 76.5 cm

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What are the dimensions of a King size bed?

A king size bed has dimensions of 183 centimetres by 204 centimetres. Two adults can sleep comfortably in this roomy bed, even with children or pets. A mattress of this size is the same size as two king single mattresses put together, so you can buy two king singles and create a king. However, it’s more cost effective and better to get a king.

There is enough room for two people to move around comfortably, which is great if you want extra space to stretch out. A king-size bed works well in larger bedrooms, since it fills up and balances out the room easily.

Make sure you check the dimensions of your bedroom to make sure your king fits in the room and through any doors. King-sized beds are very awkward when you have to carry them up stairwells and sharp corners.

Luckily, 'bed in a box' brands have a solution with the compact packaging and free shipping.

King vs. Queen

A king mattress has the same length as a queen mattress, but it is 30 centimetres wider. If you have a partner and enjoy your own space, a king bed makes more sense.

For those who are OK with sleeping close together or have a smaller master bedroom, a queen mattress may be the better choice.

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  • Comfortably Sleeps: 2
  • Total Sleep Area: 3.7 m²
  • Space Per Sleeper: 91.5 cm

Australian Bed Sizes - 2023 Guide (With Images) (6)

Super-king mattress dimensions are 204 centimetres by 204 centimetres, making it the largest bed available in Australia. The super king is 21 centimetres wider than a king, offering plenty of personal space for couples.

Sleeping on a super-king mattress, you'll sometimes forget your sharing a bed because each adult gets 102cm of space to themselves. The dimensions of the bed give the mattress a square shape, which can be a cool look for a large bedroom.

A lot of mattress companies don't offer the super king-size so make sure you check the mattress companies before ordering.

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  • Comfortably Sleeps: 2
  • Total Sleep Area:4.2 m²
  • Space Per Sleeper: 102.0 cm
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